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Something's not working

Something's not working - Uploading

If you’re having trouble uploading a photo, logo, or font, here are some common uploading enquiries with information that would help you resolve your uploading issues.

  • I’m unable to upload my photos

    If you’re having issues uploading your image, first check that the image meets the following requirements:

    • The file size is 25 MB or less
    • The file is not more than 5000 pixels on all sides
    • File format is in PNG, JPG or SVG

    Error uploading PNG or JPG files

    If the image meets the above requirements but has still not uploaded successfully, please try re-uploading after following these steps:

    1. Check our status page to make sure there aren’t any interruptions on site that could cause difficulties when uploading images.
    2. Make sure the browser is updated to the latest version of the following supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE11), and Microsoft Edge.
    3. Check to see if uploading works in another browser.
    4. Make sure the filename of the image you’re trying to upload doesn’t have any special characters in it.
    5. A stable internet connection is important when using Canva. Try to refresh your connection, or use an alternative internet connection.
    This issue affects me


    “Filename” is not in a format Canva understands

    You may get an error message that alerts you of the file extension being unsupported. At the moment, Canva supports image uploads in JPG, PNG, and SVG. However, we are looking into the possibility of adding the option to upload other file formats for Canva’s future updates, so please stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, you may try the following troubleshooting tips:

    1. Rename the image file. Then try to re-upload.
    2. The file may be corrupted, try to re-save it.
    3. If the file format is really not one that Canva supports (NOT JPG, PNG or SVG), take a screenshot of it and save it as an acceptable format. Re-upload to Canva.
    4. This could also signal that the internet connection is unstable or the current browser may not be updated. Reconnect to the internet and try another browser as well.

    This issue affects me


    Error uploading SVG

    If you’re getting this error message while uploading an SVG file, this means that the properties of the file are not compatible with Canva’s requirements in terms of uploading SVG files.

    When uploading SVG files in Canva, please make sure that it meets the following requirements:

    • All strokes, paths, and text boxes should be expanded (Select your artwork > Object > Expand)
    • Group shapes with the same color together
    • Avoid using textures and gradients in your illustration/icon
    • Ideal dimensions should be 150-200px wide
    • Fit your artwork within the artboard (Object > Artboards > Fit to Selected Art)
    • Remove all unnecessary layers, stray anchor points, and invisible objects
    • Must be saved with an SVG Profile of “SVG 1.1
    This issue affects me


    Unable to fetch your Facebook photos

    If you get an error message that says Canva is unable to fetch your Facebook photos, this means that Facebook has not yet authorized Canva to link the photos to your account. Be sure to check that you are logged in to the correct Facebook account where you want to upload the photos from in another window of the same browser.

    When clicking the facebook icon in the Uploads tab, you will be prompted to link the Facebook account to your Canva account to access the photos. Once linked, your Facebook photos should appear in the Facebook photo folder.

    This issue affects me
  • My photos are taking a long time to upload

    Uploading images that are too large in file size tends to upload slower than usual.

    You may try the following steps to help resolve this uploading issue:

    1. Check that the file size of images are less than 25 MB, has a size not more than 5000 pixels on all sides, and is in PNG, JPG or SVG.
    2. Ensure that your browser is updated. Canva works best on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE11), and Microsoft Edge.
    3. Check the filename of the image being uploaded. Make sure it doesn’t have any special characters on it.
    4. Lessen the open tabs on the browser, and close out any other apps that are not in use.
    5. A stable internet connection is important when using Canva. Please refresh the connection, or if there is an alternative internet connection, please try that.
    6. Clear the browser’s history/cache as accumulated cookies can cause trouble sometimes.
    This issue affects me
  • I’m unable to upload my font

    Fonts may fail to upload for either of these two reasons:

    • Your font does not pass our validator, or
    • We’ve detected that your font is not licensed for embedding.

    If you receive an error message while uploading your font, here are a few things you can do:

    1. Try uploading the font in a different file format. We support .otf, .ttf. and .woff.
    2. Check that the font is appropriately licensed.

    To be able to upload custom fonts in Canva, please ensure that the font file format is correct and that it is appropriately licensed.

    note: Canva only supports custom fonts that are owned by the uploader. Licensed fonts may work in some circumstances however Canva makes no guarantees this is the case.
    This issue affects me
  • Report an issue - Uploading

    • Please attach the image you are having a problem uploading. *
      Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, svg.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.