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Something's not working

Something's not working - Printing

Whether you’re printing from a home or office printer, a professional printing service, or with online printing tools, some designs just don’t print the way you want it to. Fortunately, most printing issues can be resolved. Learn to print with professional quality by checking out some of our troubleshooting techniques.

  • My print looks blurry

    To print a design with the best possible quality, ensure that it’s downloaded with the right file format. Select the PDF: for print option to get the design at 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI) – the standard for professional print quality.

    JPG and PNG images are 96 DPI. This makes the file size smaller, which is perfect for uploading photos to the web, however, it’s not as well-suited for print.


    If the downloaded design is in a PDF: for print format but images are still blurry when printed, there may be other factors that affect the print quality. Namely, these are:

    • The quality of any uploaded media
    • The dimensions of a design
    • Printer settings
    This issue affects me

    Quality of uploaded media

    Images uploaded for use in a printed project should be high resolution to ensure the best quality print. Using low quality images in a design could result in pixelated images or fuzzy text.

    To ensure images in a design print well:

    • Keep images large when photographing.
    • Avoid resizing or enlarging an image as this often results to quality loss.
    • Upload high-resolution images.
    This issue affects me

    The dimensions of your design

    Printed documents vary in size and shape. Sometimes, there’s a standard such as A4 or Letter paper dimensions but design types such as business cards can vary in dimension from one card to another. If you’re sending a document to a professional printer, make sure to use the print company’s preferred design dimensions before starting any design work. This should prevent the design from stretching or squeezing to fit the printers pre-defined dimensions.

    Canva for Work users can resize their existing designs using the Custom dimensions or Magic Resize features. Standard Canva users can create designs with custom dimensions from scratch by selecting the Use custom dimensions button on the top right hand corner of the Canva homepage.


    This issue affects me

    Printer settings

    It’s important to check printer settings before attempting to print. This can affect the end result, especially if they are incorrect. Often printer settings are set on “scaled to fit” meaning the design is going to stretch to match an A4 page.

    Kindly set printer settings to a 100% scale. This ensures designs will print as intended.

    This issue affects me
  • I can’t use my Canva design at an online print shop

    Before sending your design to an online print shop, we suggest printing it through a local printer. This ensures that the design comes out as expected.

    Should a PDF: Print design file appear blurry when uploaded to online printing sites such as Vistaprint.com, Moo.com or Staples.com, try these steps to resolve the issue:

    1. Double check that the design is downloading in a PDF: for print file type.
    2. Ensure that the filename doesn’t contain any full stops or special characters.
    3. Make the dimensions of the design double in size for a bigger and clearer print.
    4. Reach out to the online printing site used and report the issue you’re having.
    5. Ask for a print proof to test print the design.

    If there still appears to be a problem with the design kindly reach to the party printer.

    note: Designs uploaded on Vistaprint will appear blurry because the preview screen is in low resolution.

    This issue affects me
  • Report an issue - Printing

    • Screenshots are really helpful to help diagnose your issue. Feel free to upload one if required.
      Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.