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Need help? - iPhone & iPad

  • The Canva App crashed

    To prevent this from happening, please make sure that the following app requirements are met.

    1. The iPhone & iPad Canva app requires iOS 9.1 or higher.
    2. There is at least at 150 MB memory space in the device to use it.
    3. Ensure that the internet connection is strong and stable.

    If above requirements are met and the issue persists, try the following:

    1. Make an edit on your design. To save it, exit the design by tapping the back arrow at the top of the screen or sharing it via the Share button.
    2. Close extra apps not in use.
    3. Log out then log back into the app.
    4. Uninstall then reinstall the app.
    This issue affects me
  • I want to view the onboarding page again

    If you feel you’ve missed something on the onboarding page, you can go back to it easily for a quick tutorial on using Canva for iPhone.

    To open the onboarding page:

    1. Log out of Canva and close the app.
    2. Restart the app to bring up the log in/sign up screen.
    3. Swipe left to view the onboarding pages.
    This issue affects me
  • I am unable to access Canva Pro on my iPhone or iPad

    If you’re a Canva Pro subscriber and you’re unable to access its features on your iOS app, it’s possible you’re on a different team.

    Switch to your Canva Pro team to access its features.

    This issue affects me
  • My designs are missing

    Missing designs upon log in

    If there are designs that appear but the design you need is missing, you can do the following:

    1. Check if you’ve logged in with the correct email address free of spelling errors.
    2. Check other Canva accounts you may have associated with a different email address.
    This issue affects me


  • My designs aren't loading

    When an account has been offline for some time and is accessing Canva again, it may experience some delays and would result in designs not showing up immediately.

    To fix this, sign out of the app then sign back in. Works should then be able to load.

    Don’t forget to make sure that your internet connection is stable to make loading designs faster.

    This issue affects me
  • I have trouble editing designs

    Text and resize changes not displaying

    Changes in font size changes as you adjust it by pinching your fingers together. Some delay, however, may occur with the display updating to the proper value.

    To update the display:

    1. Tap on any of the tabs below the design or any other element in the design.
    2. Tap back on the text you’ve edited.
    This issue affects me

    Designs with custom fonts appear distorted or different

    Canva for iPhone is not yet configured to work with Canva Pro. Designs will load and can be edited, but custom fonts may look different or default to a generic font from the Canva library.

    You can replace the customized font with other fonts available in the Canva library.

    This issue affects me

    Search bar’s keyboard not appearing

    If the keyboard doesn’t appear after tapping on the search bar, you can try the following:

    1. Quit and relaunch the app.
    2. Ensure you’re connected to a strong and stable internet.
    3. If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall the app.
    This issue affects me

    Paid vectors are not showing in design

    If viewing a design on an iPhone or iPad and notice that a paid element has disappeared, this most likely means that the element used is not yet supported on the mobile app.

    At this stage, Canva’s iPhone and iPad apps do not support all vector graphics available in the web app. We’re constantly working on improving both iPhone and iPad apps so please stay tuned for improvements.

    This issue affects me

    Design created on the app missing on desktop version

    Designs created on Canva for iPhone are saved to your account’s Personal brand. Ensure that you are logged in to the correct account. If you have more than one brand, switch to your Personal brand.

    To switch to your Personal brand:

    1. Click the small drop arrow next to your account name.
    2. In the menu, select Personal.
    3. The page will refresh to your Personal brand.
    4. Check the All your designs tab to find the design created with Canva for iPhone.
    This issue affects me
  • I have trouble editing designs made with the Canva desktop version

    Images have limited editing options

    Currently, Canva for iPhone works best with designs created with a grid. Designs that were created with the desktop version, however, may not be editable or will have limited options on Canva for iPhone if they are not in a grid.

    If you’d like to work on a design made with the desktop version and want photos to be editable, you can place images in grids.

    This issue affects me

    Changing layouts doesn’t retain a design’s existing text

    At this stage, changing templates while editing a design initially created with the desktop version will overwrite the entire design. If you’d like to change the design’s look, you can opt to change the elements of the design (like background and text style) instead of the template.

    This issue affects me

    Images can’t be added to a frame

    Currently, Canva for iPhone does not support frames. However, if a design with a grid is created on the web it can be used and edited on the app.

    This issue affects me
  • I have trouble uploading or taking photos

    Live camera option doesn’t work

    If the option to use the live camera opens to just a blue button, this means the camera permissions aren’t enabled.

    To activate the live camera option:

    1. Open the phone’s settings.
    2. Go to the list of apps and tap on Canva.
    3. Tap on the camera option to turn it green.
    4. Go back to the Canva app and try accessing the live camera again.

    If sharing a design with a Live Photo via Twitter and nothing happens, try saving the design to the device’s Camera Roll and post using the Twitter app or Photos app.

    This issue affects me

    Uploaded image doesn’t appear in the downloaded design

    When you add a photo to a design on Canva for iPhone it uploads the design to the cloud. If the image doesn’t show in your downloaded design it may be because it hasn’t completely uploaded.

    To fix this:

    1. Reopen the design.
    2. Place the image again.
    3. Wait a few minutes before re-downloading.
    This issue affects me
  • I can't find my vector pack

    I can’t find my vector pack/its contents

    There are a couple reasons why you might not be able to see the vector pack:

    1. Canva for iPhone was uninstalled and reinstalled.
    2. You’ve logged in using a new iPhone.

    When this happens, don’t worry, you still have access to the vector packs. To fix this, you’ll need to restore the purchase.

    To restore the vector pack:

    1. Go to Canva for iPhone’s app settings.
    2. Tap on Restore pack purchase.
    3. Once successful, tap the + button on the bottom right corner of the screen.
    4. Open Packs.
    5. Select your pack to view the elements.

    For more information on restoring in-app purchases, check out Apple’s article.

    This issue affects me

    I can’t find my vector pack on desktop

    Vector packs are exclusive to the Canva iPhone app. This means you can only view and add elements from the pack when you’re on the iPhone version of Canva.

    Don’t worry though, you can still see them in designs you’ve added them to whether you’re on the desktop, Android, or iPad versions. You can also share designs with the vector elements from these versions of Canva.

    This issue affects me
  • I am unable to purchase through the App Store

    I’m having trouble purchasing premium elements with the App Store

    If you’re having trouble purchasing from iTunes, try the following:

    1. Ensure your device has the correct date, time, and timezone.
    2. Your iOS software is up-to-date (iOS 9.1 or higher).
    3. Your internet connection is stable and active. You can reset the router by turning it off and on again to refresh the connection.

    As an alternative, you can purchase Canva credits through Canva’s desktop version.

    Apple also provides further information in their Help Center here.

    This issue affects me

    I can’t buy a vector pack with Canva credits

    Vector Packs are exclusive to the Canva for iPhone app and cannot be purchased using Canva credits. You will need to purchase Vector Packs separately.

    If you’re having trouble with purchases on the App Store, kindly reach out to Apple.

    This issue affects me

    Refund for vector packs

    For questions and concerns regarding refunds for vector packs purchased within the last 90 days, kindly reach out to Apple.

    This issue affects me
  • I have trouble sharing and downloading a design

    Font moves after sharing or saving a design

    There are instances when text moves after downloading or sharing a design.

    To prevent this from happening:

    1. Adjust the affected textbox by resizing it wider than the actual text.
    2. Download the design and check how it looks.
    This issue affects me

    Can’t share to a Facebook page

    Currently Facebook mobile is limited to sharing directly to your timeline, your friends, or to a group.

    If you’d still like to share a design to a Facebook page:

    1. Download the design to your device.
    2. Open the Facebook page.
    3. Upload the image directly to the page.
    This issue affects me

    Missing image after downloading a design

    Canva for iPhone saves a local copy of designs when you share it. If the images are missing in the design when you reopen it in the app it means it hasn’t been uploaded completely yet.

    To fix this:

    1. Reopen the design, re-edit if needed.
    2. Wait for a minute or two to ensure the image uploads completely.
    3. Exit out of the design then re-open it.
    This issue affects me

    Error downloading a design

    Downloading a PDF

    Currently, Canva for iPhone supports the following design types as PDF files:

    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Facebook Cover
    • Snapchat Geofilter
    • Your Story
    • Logo
    • Poster
    • Flyer
    • Invitation
    • Card
    • Photo Collage
    • Banner
    • Blog Graphic
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter Post
    • Twitter Header
    • Youtube Art
    • Presentation
    • Business Card
    • Album Cover
    • Kindle Cover

    Downloading other design types not mentioned above will automatically download as a PNG file.

    This issue affects me

    “Something went wrong”

    You may receive the error message “Something went wrong” while downloading a design on the Canva app. This happens when the template has unsupported elements in the design. If you’d like to save the design, you may do so through the web on your desktop.

    This issue affects me

    No notification when sharing an Instagram story

    When you choose Story from the Share options to share to Instagram, it may appear as nothing happened because there is no notification that the design was successfully posted. Rest assured that it will be posted.

    To make sure that it was posted:

    1. Open Instagram.
    2. Tap on your Instagram profile picture.

    If a design is too large when viewed on Instagram, you can make use of the custom dimensions feature on Canva’s desktop version to create a design that fits Instagram’s requirements for stories:

    • A photo with a width of at least 1080 pixels
    • An aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4:5

    While custom dimensions is only available on Canva’s desktop version, Canva for iPhone and iPad  can open and edit designs already created with custom dimensions.

    This issue affects me

    Add apps in the share options

    You can use a variety of share options with Canva as long as the app is installed and has sharing capabilities.

    To add an app to your share options:

    1. Ensure the app is installed.
    2. At the second row of the sharing screen, swipe to the end of the apps.
    3. Tap More.
    4. In the Activities pop-up search for the app you’d like to enable sharing to.
    5. Tap on the app’s toggle to make it green.
    6. Tap Done.
    7. Check that the option is visible in the app list when you select Share.
    This issue affects me
  • I want to access shared designs through the iPhone & iPad app

    At the moment designs in the Shared with you folder is not yet accessible on the iPhone app.  Sharing an editable link of a design is also not yet available.

    In the meantime, you can open the designs through Canva’s desktop version and share the design as an editable link there.

    This issue affects me
  • I can't access my Account settings on my iPhone & iPad

    At the moment the only way to access Account settings is through Canva’s desktop version. This includes the purpose of deleting your Personal Canva account or canceling your Canva Pro account. Please stay tuned for updates.

    This issue affects me
  • I can't share to Instagram using my iPhone, the icon is not showing up.

    If your Instagram icon doesn’t appear when trying to share your design, this means that you need to update the version of the app. Also please ensure that your Instagram app is installed.

    Here’s what else you can do:

    1. Uninstall and reinstall the Canva iPhone from the App Store to refresh the system.
    2. Ensure that your iOS is the latest version. (iOS 9.1 or higher).


    This issue affects me
  • Report an Issue - iPhone & iPad

    • Canva is supported on iOS 10 and above. Know your iOS version here.
    • Screenshots are really helpful to help diagnose your issue. Feel free to upload one if required.
      Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.