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Something's not working

Something's not working - Downloading

There are a number of reasons why a design may fail to download. This section will help you diagnose your download problem and get your designs back on track.

  • I’m getting an error message when downloading

    After hours of working on a design, you’re finally ready to hit that download button. You clicked on download and suddenly an error message pops up. You are unable to download your work!

    Different error messages mean different things. Below we discuss what each message means and what the solution in each case is.

    Publishing hit a snag

    This error message usually happens when there is an on-going system maintenance or update in Canva. The first thing you can do is to check our status page to see if there is any ongoing issue with Canva.

    If there is no current known issue on our page, your downloading issue may be due to a corrupted element in your design or an element/image has failed to upload correctly. To resolve this, try refreshing your page. If you are still unable to download your design, try re-uploading the element/image or replace the image. If this doesn’t help, you may contact us by clicking the Report an issue – Downloading article at the bottom of the “Something’s Not Working – Downloading” page.

    Also, if you encounter a ‘Publishing hit a snag’ error message upon downloading, this would likely mean that your design is very large and it’s taking the system longer than usual to download your design. As Canva is an online design tool, the larger the design and the file size the greater the chance for downloading errors.

    To reduce the likelihood of encountering downloading errors I recommend splitting your design into multiple parts and downloading them as separate PDF files. You can then merge them after you have downloaded your design. To do so:

    1. Open your design
    2. Click File > Make a Copy
    3. Open your copied design
    4. Keep 10 pages
    5. Go back to original file
    6. Repeat steps 2 – 5 until your design is no greater than 10 pages each.
    7. Download your design as a PDF Fi
    8. Merge your downloaded PDF Files. I recommend using the online merging tool PDF merge.

    This issue affects me

    The publishing elves have failed

    This error message comes about when you are trying to download designs that has too many elements or heavy images and have reached the maximum limit number of 30 pages in your design.

    To resolve this, split your design into two files or download it in batches or per pages in range. You can easily merge your design back together after downloading by using a tool like PDF merge.

    This issue affects me
  • My design looks blurry

    Blurry is in the eye of the beholder! The below section helps you get the best results when downloading your designs. Learn some tips and tricks to get sharper images, clear and crisp text and the most professional results in a breeze. There are several factors that can affect the quality of a downloaded design.

    Quality of uploaded media

    Images you have uploaded for use in a printed project should be high resolution to ensure the best quality print. Using low quality images in your design could result in pixelated images or fuzzy text.

    To ensure images in your design is print quality:

    1. Keep your images large when taking photos.
    2. Avoid resizing or enlarging your image as this often results to quality loss.
    3. Upload high resolution images.
    This issue affects me

    Your file type

    Your design’s resolution is affected by the file format you use. Each file format has it’s own strengths – so be sure to choose one that fits your purpose.

    JPG is useful for storing photographs at small file sizes. JPG is a common choice for use on the Web because it is compressed but it also produces the lowest resolution designs.

    PNG is a good choice for storing line drawings, text, and iconic graphics at a small file size. PNG format is a common choice for use on the Web.

    PDF:Standard is a good choice for viewing text heavy documents as the text does not blur as you increase the zoom on your PDF.

    PDF:For Print is the only the file format which prints at professional print quality, which is 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI). Use this file format when printing.

    This issue affects me

    If you are uploading your design to social media

    Social media site such as Facebook and Twitter compress images that are uploaded to their sites. This may appear to make the uploaded image appear blurrier than you would like. To achieve the best results when uploading to social media, try these tips and tricks:

    • Download your design using the PNG file type
    • Double the dimensions of your design

    Canva For Work users can resize their existing designs using the custom dimensions or magic resize features. Standard Canva users can create designs with custom dimensions from scratch by selecting the Use custom dimensions button on the top right hand corner of the Canva home page.

    image00Using the generic doc type “Social Media” with dimensions of 800px x 800px when attempting to upload to Instagram, may cause the design to blur once uploaded. The dimensions for the Instagram doc type are 1080px x 1080px, so using a smaller doc type causes the design to stretch. Please use the Instagram doc type when uploaded content to Instagram.

    This issue affects me

    When using online printing tools

    To print your design at the highest quality, it is important to start by ensuring you are downloading your design with the right file format. Selecting the PDF: for print file format will download your design at 300 Dots Per Inch (DPI), which is professional print quality.

    Often online printing store have a preview screen which displays the image prior to downloading. In our experience, preview screens often display the design at a lower quality than they will upon printing.

    If your design still appears blurry after printing, please consult the online printing website you have used.

    This issue affects me

    When a filter is applied on your image

    Your design may sometimes appear blurry when a filter is applied to an image in your design. To check if it’s the filter that’s causing the blurry download, try removing the filter and see if the image becomes clearer without it.

    This issue affects me

    Downloading with a retina screen

    Retina screens are those screens which have a much greater number of pixels than a regular screen. The greater the number of pixels in your screen, the smaller your downloaded design will appear, as your computer monitor is packing more and more pixels into a smaller space.

    Many retina screens automatically combat the issue of the small downloaded design by automatically zooming in on the downloaded design. This often has the appearance of making your design appear blurry. To combat this, increase the number of pixels in your designs by at least 2 times or define the dimensions of your design in physical dimensions – inches or cm.

    Canva For Work users can resize their existing designs using the custom dimensions or magic resize features. Standard Canva users can create designs with custom dimensions from scratch by selecting the Use custom dimensions button on the top right hand corner of the Canva home page.

    This issue affects me
  • Part of my design is cut off when downloading

    On some occasions, images in your design gets cut off upon export. Please read below to find out what causes this error and how you can prevent it.

    Large designs with a filter applied

    Images may appear to be cut off, leaving a large white space, in large designs types where a filter has been applied to the affected image.

    To resolve this issue simply remove the filter that is applied to the affected image, or shrink the size of your design below 4096 pixels x 4096 pixels.
    Canva For Work users can resize their existing designs using the custom dimensions or magic resize features. Standard Canva users can create designs with custom dimensions from scratch by selecting the Use custom dimensions button on the top right hand corner of the Canva home page.


    This issue affects me

    Designs with crop marks and bleed

    On rare occasion, downloading your design with crop marks and bleed can cause a white space to appear on the sides of your design. Unfortunately this is a known issue and our engineers are working incredibly hard to ensure this issue is resolved in the not too distant future.

    In the meanwhile, please download your design again without selecting to use crop marks and bleed. You can check you are not downloading with crop marks and bleed by visiting the Canva Editor and clicking Download > Options and ensuring the “crop marks and bleed” box is not selected.

    This issue affects me

    Multi page designs with overlapping pages

    Overlapping pages may cause a design to get cut off when downloaded. When there are overlapping pages, the top of each page is covered by the bottom part of the previous page’s design. Multi-page download results in page breaks being applied incorrectly.

    To prevent this, ensure that all the elements in your design are within the white canvas in the editor. Avoid overlapping pages to make sure designs do not get cut off upon download.

    This issue affects me
  • Lines, texts or images have moved during downloading

    Different browsers may export different lines or texts differently. If any element in your design appears to have moved or shrunk during export, try viewing and downloading your design in a different browser.

    If this does not resolve the issue, please try the following steps:

    1. Refresh your page by logging-out then log back in to your Canva account.

    2. Zoom in your design view to 100% to see if all elements or text are in place. Re-align if needed.

    3. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection to make sure that all your design changes (including text alignment) will be saved completely.

    4. Clear browser history, cookies and cache as accumulated cookies can casue trouble sometimes.

    5. Check if the elements in your designs are grouped. Highlight the elements in your design and make sure the ‘Group’ button is not clicked.

    This issue affects me

    You are using the Lobster font

    Also, some texts are more prone than others to error. One of the common font that causes problem is the LOBSTER font. Importing text from other docs like MS Word may also cause the text to export incorrectly. This is because some fonts (e.g. Arial, Courier New) in other programs are not supported in Canva. 

    Downloading fonts can also fail when an uploaded font is used in your design. There are some technical issues with some font formats and the quality of the file. Not all fonts are created equal, and many (especially free ones) have errors that will affect the downloaded quality of the design.

    This issue affects me

    You have downloaded with crop marks and bleed

    We are currently aware of the issue that’s causing elements to move when downloading with crop marks and bleed. To resolve this, download your design without crop marks and bleed. Rest assured our team is working on a more permanent fix for this issue.

    This issue affects me

  • Special characters are not downloading correctly

    Canva fully support languages that use the basic Latin character set: the twenty-six letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers, and punctuation.

    Our text tool uses a variety of typefaces, some of which support extended characters like accent marks necessary for many languages like Spanish and French. If you are designing in a language that needs many accent marks, try using a typeface like Helveticish or Times Neue Roman. Canva also supports Hindi when using the Noto Sans font.

    If you are designing in a language that makes heavy use of accent marks, it’s important to download a preview of your design and check that all the text looks right. Even if your text looks fine in Canva, the typeface will not export correctly if your chosen typeface does not support the characters. Try selecting a different typeface like those recommended above.

    For now, our text tool is unable to support languages that use Cyrillic, Chinese characters, or other languages that require characters beyond the Latin alphabet. We are also not able to support special characters such as emojis or emoticons.
    At the same time, we also hear our international friends loud and clear. We certainly have exciting news to share on this topic soon, so please stay tuned.

    This issue affects me
  • Watermarks are still on my design

    Premium elements appear with watermarks – a criss-cross pattern superimposed on top of images to protect the element’s copyright holder.

    To remove the watermarks, you have to Purchase and Download your design. Your downloaded file will have the watermarks removed, though they’ll still appear when you view your design in Canva.

    To remove watermarks on a design you wish to share to social media, first download and pay for the design and then upload it directly to social media.

    This issue affects me
  • Report an issue - Downloading

    • Screenshots are really helpful to help diagnose your issue. Feel free to upload one if required.
      Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.