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Selling Canva templates

Here at Canva, we create our own templates or layouts for our customers. However, we also welcome people who’d like to create and sell their own Canva-made designs as third party templates outside our platform.

Please note that we don’t allow you to resell Canva-made templates. Some people have been getting confused about this. Changing the content of the template, without completely changing the design, isn’t creating your own work, and obviously we can’t permit you to sell them.

This page lists some practical suggestions to make your products work as smoothly as possible. We’ve also added some legal recommendations to keep you, your customers and Canva’s users all safe and productive.

Make a copy

We’ve seen all kinds of strategies for getting templates to customers after a purchase. We highly recommend you make a copy of the Canva design and then share it to your customers. This keeps your original template unchanged while giving your customers their own editable copies.

To do this:

  1. On your homepage, click on the arrow that appears on your design’s thumbnail.
  2. Select Make a copy. This will instantly create a duplicate of your design.
  3. Open the copy of your design.
  4. Click on Share and enter the email addresses of your customers. Make sure to select Can edit.
  5. Click on Send invites. This will send an email to your customers so they can access your design.

The final step is to let your customers know that once they open your design, they need to make a copy of  it so it saves to their account. Here are the steps they need to do for them to make a copy of your design:

  1. From the email that your customers will receive, open the design you’ve shared.
  2. Click on File found on the status bar.
  3. Select Make a copy. This will open a new window with the copy of your design saved to their account.

Make sure to let your customers know to edit only the design that they made a copy of. This is to ensure that they get to edit their own copies of the design and that the original is untouched.

Library images

For your own designs, can use your own or other images uploaded into the Canva library.

If you’re using Canva premium or paid elements, you can leave the watermarked library image in the design. Your customers will be able to purchase a license to the image directly from us.

On the other hand, while you’re free to use your own images, here are some complications that you may encounter if you choose to do this:

  • Ensuring you have the necessary legal rights to distribute the image.
  • Your customers feeling the pressure to change your image due to not knowing if it’s legally safe to use it.
  • Providing your the image to your customers in case they would like to use it elsewhere.

For these reasons and for general convenience, we encourage you to use images from the Canva library. We have thousands of free images you can use if you prefer your customers not to purchase image licenses.

Legal recommendations

  • Make sure to mention that your sale of templates is not affiliated with Canva in any official way.
  • Make sure your templates are your own original content and they do not feature third party intellectual property, or resemble Canva’s own templates.
  • Canva makes no promises regarding third party templates and Canva shall not be liable for anything arising from creation (or purchase) of a third party template.

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