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Canva 2.0 FAQs

What is Canva 2.0?

It’s the design tool you know and love, but better. Canva 2.0 is packed with brand new features inspired by our design community. It’s faster, more reliable and better than ever, featuring new functionality such as animations, websites, interactive presentations and even more powerful search. With Canva 2.0 you can design anything and publish anywhere. Try it now and experience the magic for yourself.

Why have you released Canva 2.0?

Our mission at Canva is to empower everyone to be able to design anything and publish their designs anywhere. To ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips, we need to continually make improvements to the platform to give you a seamless design and publishing experience.  

What can I expect from Canva 2.0?

The team has been working hard to deliver an even better and seamless design experience with Canva.

A more powerful Canva

We’ve refined the technology at the core of Canva to give you a smoother, speedier design experience. It’s more responsive, more intelligent, and more reliable—and it lays the groundwork for more innovations.

New features to fall in love with

We’ve added smart search and discovery features, so you can say goodbye to scrolling. Snappable margins help you put everything where it looks best. Canva Assistant guides you through the design process. You’ll be able to access Canva 2.0 in more than 100 languages. And we’ve got lots—and we mean lots—of new images.

Express yourself—everywhere

Canva 2.0 is jam-packed with more publish options: you can now publish directly to LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook groups and more. Autoplay your presentations, or try one of our new interactive website styles.

How does Canva 2.0 differ from the original Canva?

Most of our users will find few changes with their experience on Canva 2.0 because most of the updates are found on our ‘back end’—which means minimal disruptions for our user, but plenty of opportunity for future innovations. Others will notice differences in the layout of our tools and a range of new, exciting features including Canva Assistant and our new Apps tab.

To know more about interface changes, you can check out our article about Canva versions.

Canva has an Apps tab? What does this mean?

With Canva 2.0, you’ll receive a number of additional features not included with the original Canva platform. These features include Canva Assistant, interactive presentations, and websites. We’ve also got a whole bunch of new features on their way which will be housed under Apps.

When you sign up for additional features through our new Apps tab, you’ll gain access to a range of functionalities that were originally only accessible through a Canva for Work license. With this new offering, you are welcome to purchase each app on its own and only use the functionality of your choice or purchase pre-selected bundles which are designed to provide you with the most productivity and value.

We’ll also be offering integrations with other programs our users know and love—like Facebook, Dropbox and more—so Canva can seamlessly merge with the rest of your workflow.

In the meantime, current Canva for Work subscribers will be able to access their pre-paid Canva for Work features.

Is Canva 2.0 free?

Yes. We’ve created Canva to empower everyone in the world to be able to design. This is why we’ll always continue to maintain Canva as a valuable free product.

Similar to our older version, those wanting to access additional features will be able to do so by purchasing add-ons through our new App tab.

Are your licenses still the same?

We’re introducing a new license for Canva 2.0 users, called the One Design Use license. This license is similar to the old One-time use license, but there is no 24 hour limit on use. You can continue to use and export the media you have licensed multiple times provided it is only used within the one design and you otherwise comply with the terms of the license.

If you’re still using Canva 1.0 the One-time Use license will continue to apply, and the Multi-Use and Extended-Use licenses will remain the same for all Canva users.

Why are you updating your product now?

Enabling Canva to be accessed by everyone across the globe has been a core part of our vision from our early days. On our launch night in 2013, we watched sign-ups come in from all over the world. Since then our user base has grown to more than 10 million users across 190 countries, so we know there is global demand for Canva.

This is why we’re always on the lookout to grow Canva through new products, languages, and markets. We’ve done very well so far and at the moment that’s what we’re focused on—delivering an excellent product to all of our users worldwide.

Will I experience any downtime with the transition?

You should be able to continue to create new designs as usual. However, your old templates and designs have not yet been migrated to Canva 2.0. If you’d like to access or edit them you can simply use the old version of Canva, which can be accessed on the Canva toolbar.

Will this affect my Canva for Work account?

Canva for Work will be integrated into Canva 2.0, allowing you to access new features as well as all the things you already know and love about Canva through the Apps tab. However, your templates and designs have not yet been migrated to Canva 2.0. If you’d like to access or edit them you can simply use the old version of Canva, which can be accessed on the Canva toolbar.

Where are my old designs?

You can still access and edit any of your old designs through the homepage, under All your designs. They aren’t currently available to edit in Canva 2.0, but you can edit and open them in the old version of Canva. 

note: If you have more questions about Canva 2.0, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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