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Getting Started: Working as a team in Canva

We know teamwork is important. By working together, everybody can add something to the design process. Working with a team also requires communication and collaboration between members.

Because of this, Canva has a Teams feature so you can create a team, add members and assign roles to them. To help you create and navigate around our Teams feature, here’s what we’ll discuss in this guide:


Canva teams

There are two types of teams available in Canva: free teams and Canva for Work teams.

Free teams are the standard teams available to all Canva users. Each free team can have up to 10 members, including yourself. You can assign Administrator and Member roles to your team members. You can create up to 20 free teams.

Canva for Work teams amp up the features available from the standard free teams. You can add up to 200 team members including yourself. You can also assign members to the role of Template Designer. To learn more about Canva for Work subscriptions, you can refer to this page.


Key team features

Our key team features include:

Setting up your Brand Kit

The Brand Kit is one of the most-loved features for Canva for Work. In it, you are able to define brand colors and upload fonts and logos to help ensure consistency in your team’s designs.

note: Uploading logos and fonts and having multiple color palettes are only available to Canva for Work teams. Only one palette of brand colors is available for free teams.

Shared folders for design and uploaded photos

To help you collaborate with your team, we made it easier for you to share your designs and photos through the use of folders. After creating a design folder, simply drag your design to it and then make sure you share it to your team.

Team stream

Like the shared folders, the Team stream is a way for you to see the latest designs created by your team members. Toggle the Show team option on designs to add them to the Team stream.

Assigning different roles to team members

With Canva’s Team feature, team members can be assigned different roles. These are:

  • Owner
  • Administrator
  • Template Designer
  • Member


Team roles


This role is automatically assigned the the person who created the team. Team owners have full administrative rights over the team. They can fully manage the team by adding or removing members, produce new templates and make or edit a brand kit. Team owners are also the only ones who can delete a team.


An administrator manages your team by defining who is part of a team and assigning user roles. They are also able to produce templates for your team, and can make and edit your brand kit. This role is ideal for people in charge of overseeing the entire team but who aren’t heavily involved in producing creative material or designs.

Template Designer

A template designer can produce templates for your team and make edits to your brand kit. Ideally, the template designer role is assigned to the designer on your team or whoever is in charge of safeguarding the integrity of your brand’s visual identity. This role is only available for Canva for Work teams.


Members can create new designs based on brand templates or create designs from scratch. They cannot make templates for your team and cannot make edits to your brand kit or team templates. This user role is ideal for anyone within your organization who needs to produce visuals, like presentations or letters on stationery, that adhere to brand guidelines.


Creating a team

As we mentioned earlier, there are two types of Canva teams: free teams and Canva for Work teams.

Here’s how you can create a free Canva team for your group:

  1. From the left side panel of your Canva homepage, click on Create a team.
  2. If this is your first team, enter the email addresses of your new team members and set their roles between Member or Administrator.
  3. Click on Send invitations. An invitation email will be sent to the email addresses you entered.

note: You can have up to 10 members in your free team, including yourself. If you wish to add more than 10 team members, upgrade your free team to a Canva for Work team.

To create a Canva for Work team:

  1. Ensure you are logged into the team you wish to upgrade.
  2. Click the Upgrade button on the left side of your home page.
  3. You’ll be offered a 30 day free trial for Canva for Work. Click on the green Start your free 30 day trial button.
  4. Select a Monthly or Yearly payment plan and enter your billing information.
  5. Click on the Claim my free trial button.

You will be then redirected to your Brand Kit page.


Managing team members

As team owner or administrator, you can manage your team by adding more members, changing member roles or even removing them as needed.

To add more members to the team:

  1. From left-hand panel of your Canva homepage, click on the Team members tab. This was previously the Create a team tab.
  2. Enter the email addresses of the team members you wish to add to the team set their roles between Member, Administrator or Template Designer (for Canva for Work teams).
  3. Click on Send invitations. An invitation email will be sent to them.

note: If you’re on a Canva for Work team, adding more people will increase your monthly or yearly subscription fee depending on the number of new members you add.

As owner or administrator, you also have the option to change your team members’ roles. To do so:

  1. Click on the Team Members tab on the left hand panel
  2. Find the team member whose role you wish to change.
  3. Click on the drop down menu next to their name.
  4. Select the new role you wish to assign to the team member.

Lastly, if you need to remove a member from the team, you can also do it within the Team Members page:

  1. From the Team Members page, find the team member who you wish to remove.
  2. Click on the drop down menu next to their name.
  3. Select Remove from team.
note: Once removed, deleted team members can no longer access anything from the brand, including designs shared with them, brand kit and layouts, photo folders or view the team design stream.


Onboarding your team

Here are some tips you can do to help your team get familiarized with Canva, especially if they are first time users:

Give a quick demo
Once you’re comfortable using Canva, you can help your teammates by giving them a quick demo on the most basic features. You can also send them the links to our previous Getting Started guides, especially Navigating your way around and Designing with Canva.

Explain their roles
Letting your teammates know more about their roles can make task delegation clearer. You can redirect them to our article on Understanding roles and permissions.

Show team sharing features
It’s only natural to show to your teammates Canva’s team sharing features. A good starting point is Sharing designs with your team.


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