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Photo file requirements

When uploading photos to Canva, please ensure they meet the following requirements:

  • JPEG, PNG, or SVG files
  • Under 25mb
  • Using the RGB color space

If your photos do not meet Canva’s photo file requirements, you can attempt to change the file format using online tools. Here are a few of our favorites:

If your photos cannot be changed to meet Canva’s upload requirements, feel free to check out Canva’s library of images. With hundreds of options for every imaginable subject, you’ll find an excellent replacement in no time.

Uploading SVG files

When uploading SVG files in Canva, please make sure that your SVG file follows the following format:

  • Must be saved with an SVG Profile of SVG 1.1
  • All strokes, paths, and text boxes should be expanded (Select your artwork > Object > Expand).
  • Group shapes with the same color together.
  • Avoid using textures and gradients in your illustration/icon.
  • Ideal dimensions are 150-200px wide.
  • Fit your artwork within the artboard (Object > Artboards > Fit to Selected Art).
  • Remove all unnecessary layers, stray anchor points, and invisible objects.

If you are still having an issue uploading your photos, please visit our Need help? – Uploading page.

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