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Printing Options

When designing for print, having an idea of where you’d like your product printed goes a long way. Taking the type of paper into consideration helps ensure that you achieve high-quality results.

Paper Type Considerations

The kind of paper you’ll need depends on the kind of document you’re creating. Postcards for example are best printed on ultra-thick 350gsm paper stock while brochures come out better on 150gsm to 215gsm cover or text stock. For writing, you can go with an uncoated or silk paper stock.

The type of finish can complement a design too. Glossy paper is ideal for grabbing attention as it helps colorful designs pop out. Matte on the other hand is good for enhancing visual designs with a more neutral layout and color set.

If you’re looking to make the shift to eco-friendly print materials there are recycled paper stocks which are 100% earth friendly.

Printing Options Available

Poster Deluxe Gloss 100# Text
Business Card Deluxe Soft Touch 120# Cover
Business Card Deluxe Gloss 130# Cover
Business Card Premium Soft Touch 32pt Cover
Business Card Premium Gloss 32 pt Cover
Business Card ECO Uncoated 32 pt 100% PCW Cover
Postcard Deluxe Silk 100# Cover
Postcard Deluxe Gloss 100# Cover
Postcard Premium Silk 100# Cover
Postcard Premium Gloss 100# Cover
Postcard ECO Uncoated 130# 100 PCW Cover
Letterhead Premium Uncoated 80# Text
Letterhead ECO Uncoated >80# 100 PCW Text
Flyer Deluxe Silk 100# Text
Flyer Deluxe Gloss 100# Text
Flyer Premium Silk 80# Cover
Flyer Premium Gloss 80# Cover
Flyer ECO Uncoated 80# PCW Uncoated Text
Invitation Deluxe Silk 100# Cover
Invitation Deluxe Gloss 100# Cover
Invitation Premium Silk 130# Cover
Invitation Premium Gloss 130# Cover
Invitation ECO Uncoated 130# 100 PCW Cover

**Post Consumer Waste (PCW)

Once a material or finished product has served its intended use and has been diverted or recovered from waste destined for disposal, it is then considered “postconsumer.” Having completed its life as a consumer item, it can then be recycled as such. The percentage is the amount of recycled content in each paper from Post Consumer Sources.

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