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Font licensing

Every font, even a free font, comes with a license that details how a font can and cannot be used. Anyone creating a font can details how his/her creation can and cannot be used, giving way to a myriad of different licenses.

Whenever you upload a font to Canva for Work, be sure to double check that your license supports the use you will be giving said font on Canva for Work and that you’ve acquired usage rights for the font.

note: Canva only supports custom fonts that are owned by the uploader. Licensed fonts may work in some circumstances however Canva makes no guarantees this is the case.

My font failed to upload

Fonts may fail to upload for either of these two reasons:

  • Your font does not pass our validator, or
  • We’ve detected that your font is not licensed for embedding.

If you receive an error message while uploading your font, here are a few things you can do:

  • Try uploading the font in a different file format. We support .otf, .ttf. and .woff.
  • Check that your font is appropriately licensed.

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