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Canva Glossary

To help you gain better understanding of how to navigate the Canva app, we’ve compiled a glossary of terms we commonly use:


Administrator is a role title that can be awarded to Canva for Work team members. Administrators have the highest level of access. They manage your team members, control billing and subscription information, can create design templates, edit your brand kit, etc.

Billing Cycle

Canva’s billing system operates on a 30 day ‘billing cycle’, meaning that your card is charged for purchases every 30 days. The exception to this rule comes when you have purchased over $10 worth of elements, in which case your card is immediately charged.


Brand is a term used interchangeably with team. Your brand is made up of all the members of your team and the content you create together.

Brand Kit

Your brand kit holds all of the design information for your brand. This is where you can store your logos, brand color palette, and brand font palette and apply them to your designs.

Canva Standard

Canva Standard is used to describe the standard, free version of Canva. Powerful and easy to use, Canva is designed to help make creating beautiful graphics a walk in the park.

Canva for Work

Canva for Work is a subscription based service that offers all the features of the standard platform plus a whole host of new tools and features designed to make design and collaboration in the workplace easy, quick, and consistent.  

Learn more about Canva for Work here.

Canva for Non Profits

At Canva, we are committed to helping charities and philanthropic groups bridge the gap between their mission and their audience. As a part of this, we are pleased to offer a free subscription of Canva for Work to eligible not-for-profit organizations for teams of up to 10 people.

Learn more about Canva for Non Profits here.


Canvas is the white space of the editor page where you create your design. Each time you open a design type, a blank white page appears before you can start designing. There are 30 pages in each design type.

Color Wheel

Building a new color palette? You’ll be using the color wheel. The Canva color wheel is an interactive color picker that makes it easy to mix new shades and hues. Need a specific color? Simply enter the color code in the text box below the color wheel.

Crop marks and bleed

Crop marks and bleed are marks used by printers to ensure your print has a clean colored edges that go all the way to the edge of your paper. If you are getting your designs professionally printed, your printer may request you to include these marks.

To switch on crop marks in your design, click the download button, and then the options arrow to display advanced options. Here, check the box marked “Publish with crop marks & bleed”.


Dimensions are simply the width and height of your design. You are able to create a Canva design with custom dimensions or use the preset template dimensions.

Edit link

Edit links are custom URLs that you can send to others that allow them to edit your current design. Find your custom URL under the ‘Share’ button on your design.


An element is any individual element that you place onto your design – anything from shapes, fonts, illustrations, photos, icons, etc.

You can find Canva’s library of elements under the Elements tab when you create a new design.

Filter Code

Filter Codes are simple codes that save your slider configurations while editing an image. You can copy these codes and apply them to multiple images to quickly replicate the same image adjustments and effects.

To find your filter code, click on an image, open the filter menu and click on the advanced options arrow. Click on the box marked “Filter code #” at the bottom to highlight the code, then press Ctrl/Command + C to copy it.


Layouts are the pre-made templates provided for all users. Each layout is fully customizable, downloadable, and ready to use. Find them under the ‘Layouts’ tab when you create a new design.

Magic Resize

Magic Resize is a handy tool available on Canva For Work that resizes your current design into as many different template sizes as you like.

To magically resize your design, open a design, click ‘File’ and then ‘Magic Resize’ and select which templates/dimensions you’d like your design to be copied into.


Member is a role title that can be awarded to Canva for Work team members. Members can simply create and share designs.

Multi-Use License

Purchasing a premium element under a Multi-Use License entitles you to use the element an unlimited amount of times in multiple Canva designs. Elements purchased under a Multi-Use License agreement cost US $10.00 each.

For more information on Multi-Use Licenses, click here.

Object Panel

The Object panel consists of the tabs on the left hand side of the editor page where you can access Search, Layouts, Elements, Text, Background and Uploads.

One Time License

Purchasing a premium element under a one time license entitles you to use the element in your design for 24 hours. Elements purchased under a one time license agreement cost US $1.00 each.

For more information on One Time Use Licenses, click here.

Premium Elements

Premium is the term used to describe the paid elements in the Canva library. You will be required to purchase any premium elements or templates before downloading your final design.


Canva for Work accounts work on a subscription service, meaning you are able to choose for how long you ‘subscribe’ to the platform – month by month, or for a whole year. You are able to change your subscription choice at any time.


Teams are the collection of members that collaborate, share, discuss, and access the designs for your brand under a Canva for Work subscription.

Template Designer

Template Designer is a role title that can be awarded to Canva for Work team members. Template designers can create design templates and edit your brand kit.

Team Stream

The Team Stream is a feature available to Canva For Work users that allows you to share, view, discuss and collaborate on designs with other members in your team.

To find the content in your team stream, simply click the ‘Team Stream’ tab on the ‘All Your Designs’ homepage.

Team Templates

Team templates are a feature of Canva for Work that allow you to create custom templated designs for your brand.

By creating a custom presentation design team template, other team members will easily be able to use that template whenever they are creating a presentation, ensuring every design stays consistent and beautiful.

Text Holder

Text Holders are the pre-designed text boxes available under the text tab. They are already assembled with beautiful font pairings and graphics to make adding type to your designs even easier.


Watermarks are the criss-cross pattern that appears over premium images and elements in order to protect the copyright owner. Watermarks disappear once you pay for each element and download your design.

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